An affordable, retrofit coolant-through system for live and static tooling

When trying to optimize your CNC turning and Swiss Automatic machining operations, even something as simple as coolant can impact your bottom line. With the new reCool Rotary and reCool Static retrofit coolant-through systems, live tooling in rotary and static toolholders can machine faster and last longer – and two minutes is all it takes to get this affordable system up and running.
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Why reCool?

When your applications involve extreme speeds, feeds and temperatures, the use of coolant can enhance your production efforts and reduce your manufacturing costs. By adding reCool to your existing CNC turning and Swiss Automatic machining operations, you can easily remove heat from the cutting zone for better surface finishes, longer tool life, improved chip control and increased productivity overall.
  • Optimum coolant supply to all tools, even in difficult-to-access machining
  • More effective than spray tubes or nozzles in getting coolant to the cutting edge
  • Retrofit live tools with ER collets (ISO 15488/DIN 6499)
  • reCool Static replaces standard ER mini-nuts types ER 16 and 20
  • Low-maintenance solution with a simple structure and special lubricated bearings
  • Achieve speeds up to 12,000* rpm with reCool Rotary
  • Use with REGO-FIX collets, sealing and coolant flush disks, milling cutters and drills with diameters from 0.098" to 1.2"
  • Achieve excellent coolant pressures: up to 1,000* PSI with reCool Rotary and up to 1,450 PSI with standard hose and 2,100 psi with braided hose with reCool Static
*Exact pressure maximum dependent upon application, ER series, and pressure loss in system. Tubing might need to be upgraded for higher pressures. ER 40 reCool units max of 6,000 rpm.

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Customer Testimonials

By retrofitting our non-through coolant driven tools with the reCool system, we are able to protect our original investment and carry out through-coolant machining on our CNC lathes.

During deep hole drilling, the addition of the reCool system eliminates the need to reduce cutting speed or add extra pecks to the drilling cycle, in order to improve tool life due to coolant not getting to the cutting point. The system allows us to use the correct cutting data during drilling and milling processes, which also improves tool life and cycle times. And, by getting coolant to the cutting tip, reCool helps with chip evacuation from the cutting area."
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